building your sql database

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  • Cornolius Database Application 1.4.300

    Cornolius database Application is a stand-alone multi-user and secure program designed by mental9Production for building custom databases. Being a stand-alone program, Cornolius is equipped with an internal database
  • Automated SQL Builder (.Net Ready) 2.0

    Add sql building functionality to your applications. The Automated-sql-Builder Version 2.0 is an ActiveX Control that contains an interactive tool for building Select sql statements. Unlike most other Query Builders ASB
  • SQL Management Studio for PostgreSQL

    EMS sql Management Studio 2011 for Postgresql is a complete solution for Postgresql database administration and development. With components that focus on all critical Postgresql database management tasks, sql Studio is
  • DreamCoder for PostgreSQL Enterprise Freeware 6.0

    Postgresql DreamCoder allows you to perform all database development tasks easily. Developers are using this handy software for the following tasks: creating and compiling stored procedures, exporting and importing data,
  • GermaniumWeb

    GermaniumWeb is about powering useful 3D applications for buildings. We believe building users should not have to read complex building plans in order to perform a task. Finding information or managing facilities within
  • Bond 3.1.3

    Bond is a rapid application development (RAD) framework for building desktop database applications for Linux and Windows. Features * Business logic is within Postgresql database * No front-end code to deal with
  • DreamCoder for PostgreSQL Enterprise 2.5

    The inclusive tool for developers is DreamCoder for Postgresql Enterprise that makes their database development tasks very easy. It has user friendly interface and supports all versions of the Postgresql database
  • XL Pro V Inspection Report System and Business Tools 10.0

    The only PC based report available in this price range that has everything you need to perform residential or commercial inspections.The report is completely configurable for almost any type of building you can think of.
  • Archicad 64bit 14

    ArchiCAD is made by the architects for architects to create outstanding architectures. It has different options like The Virtual buildingTM is use to store information about building i.e. (changes in sections, floor
  • Quran7 Predication 2.0

    Quran7 Predication is a part of the Q7Gen Project that traces the 10 Quranic Great Readings. Quran7 Predication is a Visual Learning Tool and illustrates clearly the Readings Predication Tree.Quran7 Predication is a
  • Advanced Query Tool 8.1.6

    You can perform following functions by using inclusive software Advanced Query: you can display and update your data as well as can view the objects in your database; it can also be used for running sql statements as
  • EnergyPlus 7.0.0026

    The handy building energy simulation program EnergyPlus enables building professionals to model energy and water that they use in buildings. Its usage helps them in optimizing the building design so that they use a
  • Elevator Action for NES 1.0

    Elevator Action is an arcade game. In the game, the player assumes the role of a spy who infiltrates a building filled with elevators. He must collect secret documents from the building and traverse the 30 floors of the
  • Archicad 14

    You can increase your productivity by making beautiful structural designs with inclusive software application ArchiCAD. Is major features are it is using one central database for storing all information that's why you
  • Visual C# 2005 and Databases 1

    Visual C# 2005 and databases 1 offers users a professional tutorial that provides a detailed introduction to using Visual C# for accessing and maintaining databases for desktop applications. Visual C# 2005 and databases
  • SEE Building LT 3.8

    With SEE building LT you can quickly and easily create professional and standardized installation plans & single-line diagrams. With hundreds of standard symbols, an intuitive interface and suitable functionalities, SEE
  • Chvac 8.01.1

    Elite Software Development Inc. designed an efficient calculator named Chvac that enables you to determine different building parameters. Chvac provide a compound weather database that helps you in calculating cooling
  • SQL-Commander 1.0

    sql-Commander The sql-Commander is a develpment tool for building PL/sql objects and sql statements by using a query builder. The following features are supported: building sql-Statements with a graphical
  • cs_aakrabil 1.0

    Map of Bil's center building in rehamn. Fixed the building a bit so it isn't a real copy. But the map is fun to
  • Porcupine 0.5

    A web application server that provides an object oriented framework for developing web applications rapidly Porcupine is an object oriented web application server that features the Porcupine Object Query Language, an
  • FormTGP 1.0

    Form-filling gallery submission and doorway building software aimed to provide the most accurate and safe submission procedure. Features include: automatic category selection, mirror pages creator, rules checking,
  • 2bpop 1.1

    TAKE surfing the net for business and general Interest to new heights - this simple software integrates and advances the necessary things to gain control of the web. 2bpop will help you in many ways - surfing the net,
  • Autodesk Revit MEP 2012 11.09.16213

    Autodesk® Revit® MEP building Information Modeling (BIM) software for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers supports more accurate and efficient building systems design projects from concept through
  • CPH Web Cam 1.2

    This web cam will show the demolition of the old International Center building and construction of the new College of Public Health building on the University of Iowa
  • Log-Buildings Constructor 2.1

    Log-buildings Constructor - a software for visual projection of cylindrical logs buildings. The software has intuitive interface which helps to create ready projects of a building step by step. The project also includes
  • Autodesk Building Systems 2007 5.0.297

    The Autodesk building Systems Object Enabler 2007 makes Autodesk building Systems 2007 objects come to life in AutoCAD 2007, AutoCAD Map 2007, and Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007. This new release leverages Object
  • tmWorks R-View 1.8.1

    tmWorks R-View is a full featured web based database administration and database driven application building tool for the JDBC enabled databases. With its web based intuitive interface, you can create or modify
  • Bench Plans 1.1

    Bench Plans toolbar for internet explorer. Get all your bench plans and bench building tools in one place and have easy access to the best bench building information right from your desktop. With a fully function toolbar
  • Skyscraper 2.0 Alpha 6

    Skyscraper represents an open-source program that will simulate entire buildings in first-person 3D. It aims to be a fully-featured, modular, 3D realtime building simulation engine, and will eventually include game
  • Autodesk ABS 2005 Tools Extension Object Enabler 1.0

    It allows files to be access outside ABS software.The Autodesk building Systems 2005 Object Enabler is a freeware application that allows object data created in Autodesk building Systems 2005 to be accessed outside the